All prices depend on scale of piece and are negotiable to meet your budget. Email me with your requests and a full description of sculpture with more images of an example piece or sketch can be easily provided.

  • All prices are negotiable to meet personal requirements and budgets. 

  • Any ideas can be discussed and photos provided of progress.

  • Price reflects scale of commission, position and date required.

  • All Delivery/Postage costs are additional, price depends on location.

SMALL SCULPTURE: Dog or Cat Portrait (any Breed)

SMALL: Resin Clay Portrait Sculpture of a Dog or Cat 
SIZE:  Sitting Position Height: Approx 15 cm (6 ") x Width: 10cm (4 ") 
£150 including Gift Box 

MEDIUM SCULPTURE: Dog or Cat Portrait (any Breed)

MEDIUM: Resin Portrait Sculpture of a Dog or Cat 
SIZE:  Sitting Position Height: Approx 31cm (12") x Width: 20cm (8") 
£250 including Gift Box (all prices negotiated at design process depending on animal pose)  

LARGE SCULPTURE: Dog or Cat (Any Breed)

LARGE: Portrait Sculpture of a Dog or Cat (Life Size) - Garden Sculpture
Approx SIZE:  Sitting Position Height: 60 cm (24") x Width: 45cm (16") 
(Paper Mache Clay, Cold Porcelain Clay, Wire & Painted & Varnished to live in Garden)
Approx £350 depending on scale 


LITTLE DOG: Polymer Clay Miniature Breed.

SIZE: Approx 10cm - £45 including in Gift Box for perfect dog lover

Painted Black or White (or colour on request) 

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