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I combine my fine art sculpture and installation art background with textural variety from set decorating. With BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, I started as a prop maker for Feature films then moved into high end Music Videos & Commercials as Stylist- Set Decorator & Art Director when budgets were fearless. I moved to scripted drama, having always been fascinated in researching subjects, historical detail, and character habits & patterns. 

Good design & script visualisation is inventive people-watching, the act of observing people and their interactions involves picking up on idiosyncrasies to try to interpret a person's story in a script.

With 30+ diverse credits as Art Director, I have a forensic eye for detail, budget wizardry, contacts & connections to achieve any request and confidence to handle any scripted challenge as Production Designer. I manage a loyal team of highly inventive creative minds. 


I aim to meet the challenges that arise from budget, schedule, or location by finding new ways to solve problems and be more innovative with resources through collaboration & flexibility.

Links to IMDB full listings & Screen Talent Agency Website CV Listing : 

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